A poem by Siphumle

  • Where are you

    Where are you when I need you the most
    When my skin longs for your touch
    When my day is only dark and only your smile can bring me light
    When I need you to listen 
    Where are you
    When I’m down and miserable
    And the only song I can sing is a sad song
    Where are you
    I stand and stare 
    Vividly I seem to be fading 
    Disappearing into the wall holding together the stoned broken mirror
    When I can only see a deformed image of myself
    Where are you to help me find myself
    When I need you so badly that the only thing in my mind is not you but the scent of your cologne 
    Where are you 
    When I need you to hold me and lay me down
    When I need you to take over my body and make love to me 
    Where the hell are you
    When after you called me it feels like I just had a conversation with myself 
    When I need your company 
    Where are you
    When I need to melt into your lips
    When I need to feel your breath on my neck
    As your hand slips down my back
    And give my crack a squeeze 
    Where the fuck are you
    When I need to tell where are you to listen
    When I need to cry where are you to wipe away my tears
    When my strength is dried away
    Where are you to hold my hand and walk with me
    When I don’t have anything 
    Where are you to be my everything 
    When I’m out of dreams to dream 
    Where are you to be my reality
    Where are you to love me
    When the world rejects me
    When I don’t have anyone to look at and feel they understand 
    Where are you
    When they judge me 
    Where are you to hug me
    When they throw words like sticks and stones
    When I’m alone at the cross roads
    Where are you to take a step with me
    When I have sacrificed everything for love and happiness 
    Where are you to welcome me
    Where are you to tell me that I made the right choice
    When I’m silenced by fear
    When I need you to be my voice
    Where are you 

    Copyright Siphumle Botya

    Bio:Siphumle Botya born on the 1st of jan 1993.I’m from Mount fletcher but currently staying in mtata.I’m a poet,dancer,singer,acter and I’m also into fashion.


A poem by Dominic Joseph

  • I’m a poet by love hiphop flowing though my veins born and is rising above the confined thinking of ghetto living. I love Cape town. 

    You might not like what I write
    You might think much of my opinion or sense of humour
    You are not obligated to 
    But I’m obligated to be myself 
    Obligated to be real 
    When being superficial
    Is a choice made
    More often than not 
    Never would’ve thought 
    Growing up
    Being myself 
    Would be a choice I had to make
    It dawned on me 
    In the moment of uncontrollable weeping 
    Not allowing me to dry my tears
    Burning my face 
    The pain not cutting deep enough 
    To take away 
    The self-disappointment
    Of not holding to a promise made
    I hold dearest to my heart 
    Of being my best 
    For the one that is God send
    A part of me
    When selfishness drives my actions
    Making the wrong connections 
    Trying to convince myself 
    That my procrastination
    Have not allowed me to cower 
    In the shadows 
    When I am a child of the light
    The dark has such an allure 
    That keeps pulling me towards it
    Poles aligned 
    Seems organised 
    When the dark is known for chaos
    Freedom without responsibility
    Controversy irrevocably
    A devious nature 
    Born from deep seated hurt
    That sculptured away 
    At this mould 
    Rough at the edges
    Fragile to it’s core 
    One chip too big
    It cracks irreparably
    Wanting to take big chunks
    Choking on life 
    When living life in bite sizes
    Allows you to savour the taste 
    Making love to your pallet
    Being present to life
    Being present to my future
    I’ve lived life at the height of love
    Losing grip 
    It was not in the script 
    Pencilled in
    Went from a few lines
    To out of line
    Responsibility I won’t decline
    But I’m inclined to be me 

    Twitter: @b3e3z_poetry

Lwando Nteya goes to New York

Radical Xpression family is happy to announce that Lwando, the movement’s digital specialist was invited to New York after being spotted in Johannesburg making a speech at a business conference.

This week, he went to New York to make this speech at another conference and we caught up with him on social media; “my first TV appearence is in US,” he wrote.

He will be back on Satarday and is set to resume his digital work as soon as he lands.

We are so proud of him.