Not Gonna Sit Back…

I was not gonna sit back and watch it happen.
I wasn’t gonna allow myself to love this man that beat up my mother every night.
Ofcause I was gonna try to stop all his fists flying to her face.
I was not gonna be silenced and just weep in my room.
That’s not who I am.

I do not sit by and let my own mother be abused in the other room. While this man forces her to give him her whole salary, so that he can take it to his witch doctors. when all she wanted was to buy food for her children

Not me….I don’t keep quiet to men like my father.
I do not sit back and watch it happen year after year, day after day with the hopes that he will someday change.
Decades later and he’s still the same.
Now he brags about his 10 girlfriends to my 16year sister.

This man doesn’t deserve my respect and/or anyone’s respect.

I will not sit back and watch….I will share my story because I know these men are being protected by their communities, families and the actual victims they’ve victimised.

I will not sit back and watch in silence just because you are related to me. In cases like these, relative is just the biology, the chromosomes that have to be for genetic connection.
I will not sit back and watch it happen.
That is not who I am.

I am a caring person.
And caring doesn’t allow me to sit back and watch in silence.


– MsPuliz aka Puliz

Not gonna sit back